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  • Cheer

    Middle school cheer. Produced by KCMS.

    Blanket Making

    As part of Goal 100, students made blankets for the needy.

    Club Water Polo

    Many students play club water polo in the beautiful BBMAC. Produced by KCMS.

    Coronado Middle School

    Ranked among the top five percent of all middle schools in California, Coronado Middle School provides excellence in education. Watch this fast-paced video to learn about the school and its many programs.

  • Cardboard Names

    Name calling and bullying can be hurtful. Learning to rise above it can be a solution. Produced by KCMS.


    CMS Basketball produced by KCMS

    Boys LAX

    CMS boys lacrosse has had a greatseason. Produced by KCMS.

  • Boys Soccer

    CMS soccer; produced by KCMS.

    Cross Country

    KCMS covered CMS’s cross country team.

    Beach Volleyball

    CMS Volleyball produced by KCMS

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